Evoking the nostalgic charm of classic travel posters, “Italian Holiday” takes center stage in promoting a series of themed dinners at Penn State, showcased through various channels, including posters and digital media.
The Process
I start with a quick series of thumbnail sketches, aiming for diverse compositions. Subsequently, a second round of rough sketches follows, refining elements and composition. This approach proves time-efficient, allowing me to address challenges early.
The concept of the main character approaching the viewer resonated with me. This perspective not only showcases her face, enhancing viewer engagement but also captures the elegance of the Vespa in a head-on pose. The initial seed of this idea sprouted from a small thumbnail sketch in the bottom right corner and evolved into a more polished rendition.
After receiving feedback from the client on the first proof, they requested that the “holiday" theme be emphasized, due to the dinner taking place in December. To add a touch of holiday magic, I incorporated lights on the palm tree, inspired by a colleague's suggestion. This resulted in the approved poster version that sparkles with festive cheer.
As an artist, I often create alternate versions for personal enjoyment. With my love for vintage Vespas and Italy’s nostalgia, I crafted a bespoke piece for my office. This unique creation was printed on a 24 x 36-inch canvas, adding an Italian charm to my creative workspace.