Andy Heckathorne’s life experiences have shaped and influenced his body of work. Through the years he has learned what every great creative knows—to embrace challenges and harness them as creative fuel. As a result, his style is ever evolving and expanding, and the richness of deeply felt emotions such as love and loss and discovery temper his palette. He is courageous and adventurous with his craft, always surprising you with the finished product. Andy was first in his class in traditional media and now works almost exclusively in digital. His portfolio demonstrates a journey of ongoing self discovery and constant meticulous refinement. 

Andy grew up with traditional values in working class western Pennsylvania towns north of Pittsburgh. His dad encouraged his art and instilled wholesome traits in Andy that are reflected in his work and work ethic today. He’s down-to-earth, dependable, amiable, and brings a curious sense of wonder and imagination to each creative project.

These days Andy feels like he’s coming full circle back to his first love. Illustration. Today he brings to it twenty years of experience, a deeper sense of maturity, and an array of new design skills and tools that support his preferred style of precise digital composition. As his work is eagerly sought after by the ad world, he is collaborating more and more with outside creative teams where his role is specialized as an illustrator. Where it used to frustrate Andy that he never had one particular style, now he sees that there is great value in searching, struggling, and adapting—it has formed an environment where creativity is required and will ultimately thrive.
When Andy isn't creating art, you can catch him riding his Vespa or enjoying a ballgame.
Available for new commissions.
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